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Mountainbike and Trekking on the Route of Parks of Patagonia

Hike + MTB


About 60km from Chile Chico you'll find Patagonia National Park with 304.527 hectares of native forest and plenty of lakes. The first one visited on this tour lies on the way to the entrance of the park and is called the Lagoon of Flamingos. From there we continue to the Lake Jeinimeni. There we get off the car and on our bikes. The intense turquoise colour of the lake, which is nourished by ice fields, is just as impressive as the vastness of the native forest. It’s almost a must to visit this place in autumn

and enjoy spectacular views of the trees in colour. In the forest we will have the privilege to sight birds like the Condor, the Eagle, the Falcon, the Thrush, small Parrots and the Black Carpenter whose pecking sounds follow us on our way. The path leads us to the Lagoon Esmeralda, where we leave our bikes and start hiking. We reach Lago Verde (the “Green Lake”), which gives birth to Lagoon Esmeralda and Lake Jeinimeni. This is our point of return. Back at the campsite we enjoy a healthy lunch at one of the fireplaces before returning to Chile Chico.


Transfer in 4x4 vehicle

Hiking poles



Literature bout the region on board

Mountain Bike


Appropriate outdoor gear if needed

BBQ of salmon and regional vegetables

Lunch at the campsite of Lake Jeinimeni, including drinks (juice, water, local beer, white wine). Menu can be adjusted to individual needs/requirements. 

- Ability to ride a bike  

- Duration: 7-8 hours

- During high season you need to book in advance 


- Tour includes river crossings, we recommend to bring a second pair of shoes


Depends on clients' preference but it is recommended to leave in the morning.

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